Annette Kennedy

My name is Annette Louise Kennedy and I am a 71 year old young minded proud Wiradjuri woman born on the 6th January 1950 to Eleanor Smith née Kaalund of Danish descent and Matthew Jame (Sonny) Smith a proud Wiradjuri man. 

I was born and raised in the inner suburb of Erskineville NSW with my 4 siblings Lorraine, Jame, Sharon and Peter. Although being a fair skin Koori I was raised with the knowledge of who I am and where I came from with many ties to country and family. I am and always have been Aboriginal.

My totem is the Goanna. The Goanna features predominantly in Aboriginal mythology (and or Dreaming stories) and Australian Folklore. “Being predatory lizards, goannas are quite large, or at least bulky, with teeth and claws” Goanna – Wikipedia 20.8.20.

In my case the Goanna represents a spiritual significance, a sacred symbol that represents my mob within our very large nation.

 As such I use my totem numerous times when I paint I paint with a theme which are identified thus:

A main title “My Totem My Home” with a subtitle that identifies and describes the storyline of each painting.

My journey as an artist began when my friend and mentor Madeline Hooker, a traditional Aboriginal woman, was teaching art at Gosford TAFE, which was a stepping stone for me to attend Deakin University, gaining 2 degrees back- to- back in the Contemporary Visual Arts.

 As an Aboriginal artist I prefer to paint in two genres being both Aboriginal Art and Abstract Art. My choice of mediums are canvas, watercolour paper, acrylic paints and pigmented artist ink.