Graham Toomey

I am a ‘freshwater man’ of the ‘Wurramunga’ clan of the Wiradjuri nation and also of the Wongaibon nation of Western N.S.W.

My art practice involves creating paintings, ceramics, word work, public art and installations. I like to create works about the landscape of Country, Spirituality, Culture, History, Movement and about stories and images of ‘Country’.

I like to explore and find new creative ideas and put those into practice. Creating also is healing for me and it helps me find the light on dark days, due to the embedded trauma and injustices of our people and our history.

While I create, my mind, heart and spirit are strongly connected with my ancestors and with my ‘Country’.

My art practice also involves creative and cultural advisory roles; to which I work in collaboration with agencies and organisations on creative or cultural projects.