Hayley Pigram

I am a Darug woman from the Sydney area. I was born and raised on my traditional homelands in the southwest of Sydney and have always had a close connection to my culture and Country. 

As an urban Aboriginal Artist, my art takes many forms to reflect my culture. While I often enjoy utilising a dot style of painting, I pair this with bright colours and unusual mediums. I feel this pairing represents myself as an Artist who has a deep traditional spirituality, yet lives a modern lifestyle. My art tells the story of a modern woman with an ancient heritage.

Much of my art practice is a reflection of my journey towards an understanding of healing and hope. It also allows me a way to express my deep connection to my family, their stories, their pain and our anger. Art gives a visual language for stories too complex for words to ever represent.  

In 2015 and 2016 I completed my certificate III and IV in Aboriginal Cultural Arts at Eora TAFE. In 2018 I completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts. In 2019 I completed my certificate in Aboriginal Mentoring. 

In the past year I have conducted a Recycled Weaving workshop, spoke on a NAVA panel about artist led initiatives and exhibited in the Hobiennale at Moonah Arts Centre in Hobart, Tasmania. My artwork ‘Three Boys’ is currently on a billboard on the M4 as part of an NRMA campaign connecting road signs to Country.