Jude Jarrett

I am a proud Koori woman from the Gumbaynggirr Nation. I am a proud mother of two sons and nan to five beautiful grandchildren.

My works are more a meditation for me than anything else.  I am in no way what you would call a ‘Traditional Koori Artist’. Rather I am a ‘Modern Urban Artist’ who happens to be a Koori Woman.

My art reflects my life. Deep inside me are my roots, firmly planted on Country; the Nambucca Valley, home of the Gumbaynggirr people. Dot art has always captured and fascinated me and I feel a strong sense of connection with my culture when I paint. My works reflect the “conciliation” between traditional methods with modern colours and mediums.  My art is like my life, a mixture of my cultural heritage as a proud Aboriginal woman and that of a modern Aboriginal woman.

Some works have no name, and some are of nothing in particular, they are what they are, I created them for me, for what I felt. Insight, reflections, happiness and sadness, they are what was in me and came out. You see what it is you see in them, look not at them as objects or stories, but as images of a Koori girl’s thoughts and feelings. They are what you want them to be.

My paintings are my story, my journey, nothing more, nothing less. I hope you get as much pleasure out of my paintings, as I did painting them.