Phillip Orcher

As a new emerging contemporary Aboriginal artist I hail from Goodooga Central West NSW with strong connections to Grafton and proudly representing the Murrawarri and Gumbaynggirr Nations of NSW. I draw endless inspiration from the rich cultural heritage embedded in the alnds of my Mother’s and Father’s homelands of the Freshwater and Saltwater communities of Murrawarri and Gumbaynggirr countries of NSW.

I have a distinctive style that merges tradition with modernity. I hope my work captivates audiences with visually compelling artworks using both digital and contemporary tools to create vibrant vectors and paintings to thought provoking digital scenes. Each piece reflects a deep connection to my ancestral and contemporary roots as I have been a resident guest upon Gadigal Country within the Eora Nations. I am inspired by hip hop, sci fi and pop cultures and have a deep commitment to preserving the everlasting and evolving Indigenous artistic expression.

Having participated in numerous exhibitions across Gadigal Country my works are now proudly displaying in collections nationally and internationally.

Through my art, I strive to bridge cultural divides by fostering a greater understanding of the Murrawarri and Gumbaynggirr nations and the history of Australia’s colonial past with the intersections of traditions and policies that affect contemporary Aboriginal communities.

My unique artistic journey as an artist transcends boundaries, blending the ancient with the contemporary, while paying homage to the enduring spirit of the Murrawarri and Gumbaynggirr Nations in Aboriginal Australia.