Sunbeam Sensation
by Danielle Gorogo
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 30 cm

The sun is the source of life and death on our planet. Every plant needs light to live and grow. Without the sun there would be no vegetation on earth. Humans and animals need oxygen to survive and breathe on earth which the sun helps provide through plant photosynthesis. Life would not exist on earth if the sun did not exist. Food for our cells and proper functioning of our organs is provided from the sunlight. The sun increases release of serotonin which helps with stress, the mood, feeling calm and focused and triggers the body’s production of vitamin D which is essential for our health. The lack of sunlight can cause depression. The use of light in treatment is capable of influencing the healing process. Exposure to light promotes greater balance in our life systems in a holistic way. Sunlight energy transferred to the body promotes positive thinking, cells regeneration and heals tissue. A higher more elevated sense of consciousness and overall wellbeing will be obtained when sunlight is recognised as a lifestyle medicine.