Curated By Kyra Kum-Sing

Featured artists

Rubyrose Bancroft, Deborah Taylor, Jasmine Coe, Hayley Pigram, Jenny Fraser, Graham Toomey, Nioka Rain, Debra Beale, Euphemia Bostock, Wanita Lowe, Chenaya Bancroft-Davis, Graeme Walker, Danny Eastwood, Bronwyn Bancroft, Jeffrey Samuels, Kevin Winanggaay May, Darren Charlwood, Blak Douglas,
Maddison Gibbs, Charmaine Davis, Kianah Davis, Nadeena Dixon, Camellia Boney and Ryan Andrew Lee.

For this exhibition we highlight artists’ perspectives and concerns around the use of Water.  From climate change to drought, rising sea level, and access to rivers and creeks for traditional practices, our water is sacred with spiritual connections to our existence.     

Clean water for all communities is vital.  

This exhibition is about creating an understanding around how we all can make a difference and start looking into ways around protecting Water for the next generation.

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