Not Young or Free!

Curated By Kyra Kum-Sing

‘Not Young or Free!’ responds to the 250 year anniversary of Cook’s arrival in Australia.

Australia’s history is one that makes people unsettled. However as Aboriginal peoples of the land, we still continue to write the rights from the wrongs of Australia’s dark past and the history of how this country was formed.

We are not young: As Aboriginal people, we come from the world’s oldest living culture.

We are not free: Since colonisers stepped foot on this land, Aboriginal peoples have faced the forefront of this so-called great arrival, which has led to devastation and mistreatment of Aboriginal peoples in Australia.

This exhibition highlights the importance of truth telling from the perspective of Aboriginal Artists from NSW Aboriginal Language Groups.

‘Not Young or Free!’ is crucial to alerting a wider audience to the debilitating effects of colonisation 250 years after Captain Cook illegally took possession of Australia.

Always was Always will be Aboriginal Land!

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