Shell It

Curated By Kyra Kum-Sing

Shell It is a display of contemporary and traditional artworks from artists across NSW Language Groups. The exhibition is about understanding the diversity within our communities through sharing our visual stories of lived experiences, memories and knowledge of the past, present and what the future holds.

As the curator of Shell It, Kyra Kum-Sing says, “I wanted the title of the exhibition to honour and pay respect to the local shell making women from the La Perouse Community. As someone who spent time in the La Perouse community while growing up, I remember the Elders would tell many stories about the history, land, culture and traditional practices. They would speak about their shell making skills and how these have been maintained by the same family bloodlines since time immemorial.

‘Hearing and seeing stories like this creates memories of happiness, joy and childhood and shapes our own existence, even when our communities faced the limitations and restrictions of past Government policy and legislation. Our stories still continue on in each generation. Through visual representation we can share these stories and bring together our diversity, cultural knowledge and experiences.”

The La Perouse Museum, managed by Randwick City Council, stands on Bidjigal and Gadigal country, whose unbroken connection to this land goes back many generations. The La Perouse Aboriginal community is renowned for its long established and ever-evolving art and cultural traditions that are central to the identity of the area and its people.

Boomalli and La Perouse Museum hope this exhibition will give audiences an insight into the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of NSW Aboriginal Language Groups.

Garrigarang Nangamai – Saltwater Dreaming – Artwork Design by Dennis Golding

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