This is Us

Curated By Kyra Kum-Sing

Featured artists

Joanne Cassady, Leeanne Hunter,
Leona McGrath and Michelle Hamilton

‘This is Us’ is an exhibition featuring works by a group of four Aboriginal women artists – Joanne Cassady, Leeanne Hunter, Leona McGrath and Michelle Hamilton.

The artists all work together to create products and artworks for Balgarra Designs, an Aboriginal owned business operated by Joanne Cassady. 

Three of the artists – Joanne, Leona and Michelle – began painting together in the early 1980’s in Redfern, Sydney. They held various stalls at markets in and around Sydney. In the late 1980’s, Leeanne began working at Designer Aboriginals, which was established in Rozelle in 1985 by Dr. Bronwyn Bancroft.

Each artist forged their own career path over the years. In 2018, through Balgarra Designs, Joanne reunited the artists and formed an online store. Joanne manages the group who gather for market stalls in Sydney. This partnership created a beautiful collection of works and handcrafted wares while instilling a unique bond between the group of artists.

‘This is Us’ is an inspirational exhibition and an opportunity to experience the work of a collective group of prolific artists, exhibiting their work together for the first time.

Image Credit: Collaborative Artwork by Joanne Cassady, Leeanne Hunter, Leona McGrath & Michelle Hamilton

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