What a little yarn can do

Curated By Dennis Golding

Featured artists

Dakota Dixon-Campbell, Euphemia Bostock, Vicki Golding, Dennis Golding, Shane Youngberry, Dr. Bronwyn Bancroft, Nioka Lowe-Brennan, Wanita Lowe, Brieanna Geary, and Marilyn Russell.

What a little yarn can do is an exhibition curated by Dennis Golding which brings together emerging and senior artists for ‘little yarns’ about arts practice, cultural identity, and contemporary life.

This program took inspiration from the foundation of Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative, which demonstrated how small conversations between artists can create something bigger for our communities. This socially engaged program connects emerging and senior artists to undertake a series of yarns to discuss the contemporary practices of Aboriginal art making. Senior and emerging artists exchange knowledge, histories and experiences to support the development of future arts practice in the field of design, painting, sculpture and installation.

This exhibition has facilitated the tradition of storytelling allowing emerging and established artists to listen, learn and create.

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