Daramu House

In 2021 Boomalli were approached by Daramu House, a commercial/retail building in Barangaroo, about engaging an artist to develop an artwork for their Christmas display.

The team at Daramu House/Lendlease were captivated by Jude Jarrett’s stunning art and commissioned her to develop an artwork that they could reproduce on a vinyl wrap to cover three wooden Christmas trees. These trees were then displayed in Daramu House’s lobby.

The artwork reflects the values of Daramu House, a world leader in sustainability. The building was awarded a 6 Star Green Star rating, and features a rooftop garden, bee sanctuary and solar panels.

“This painting represents the importance of sustainability by valuing our waterways and natural environment. We all have a responsibility to play our part to ensure waterways are pollution free, or risk the loss of our unique wildlife, flora and fauna which is extremely important and has always been the way of First Nations people.

The painting has many shades of green which represents the landscape all around the harbour and the shades of water our harbour can be at different times, The waterways provide a home to many sea creatures and plants and have provided a healthy food source for many generations for the local First Nations people within this local area.

Meeting places are all around the harbour. These are also represented in this artwork and are important for families now and into the future.

Every part of our lives are connected to nature. Without playing our part, we risk losing it all.”

– Jude Jarrett

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