In 2021, Finity approached Boomalli about commissioning an artist to create an artwork that they could display in their office and also license for their Reconciliation Action Plan.

When the Finity team first visited Boomalli they were immediately captivated by Graeme Walker’s abstract style and were very confident they had found the perfect artist.

Graeme Walker is a Bundjalung and Yuin Artist who is based in Manyana on the NSW South Coast. Graeme has been painting for over 40 years, and paints across a diverse range of mediums. Graeme’s art conveys a multitude of emotions that he himself has experienced throughout his life. He enjoys talking to people about their own interpretations and what they see/feel from each work.

In 2022, Graeme visited Finity’s office in Sydney to attend the official launch of the Reconciliation Action Plan.

Abstraction II

“The thick and thin black lines, which are all connected, meanders through the painting. They have pocketed areas with straight lines which go in different directions and have been done on purpose. I feel the thick and thin black lines could represent people’s emotional experiences, that determine the direction each set of straight lines are pointing to and coming from as individuals.

The clear oval and teardrops/raindrops represent some individuals in our surroundings that have dealt with going in all directions and now have become contented, happy, and worldly in themselves and their lives.

All my paintings relate to life in its many forms, and I do this in an abstract/design type way. I leave the viewer to do their own interpretation and Abstraction 11 is simply different and is pleasing to my eyes.” – Graeme Walker



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