Future Super

Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative and Artist member Maddison Gibbs have worked with Future Super on their Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan and their current Innovate RAP. Maddison has created a new artwork for each RAP, the first being ‘Care for Her’ and the second is titled ‘Gather’.

Care for Her

“This artwork “care for her” has been created in response to the Future Super‘s reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.

This artwork has depicted a journey through Australia and represents connection to country and the importance of caring for country and  how this links to protecting first nations culture. Taking time to listen and be patient is an important when learning these stories of how to care for earth.

The rivers and water systems in the work tell a story of connection and  the deep layers of history and methods of how we care for country. The connection lines represent water that connects all living things . The spirit lines are protectors, they are ancestors holding the stories and the knowledge. They are always watching over the land and the water and sending us messages when we are not caring for her.

This artwork links with Future supers core values about caring for country and a movement to reduce climate change. Together through indigenous knowledge holders and reconciliation we can unite to care for our mother earth and return to her the life she gives us. “


“Gather speaks to ancient and contemporary ceremonies. Taking time to collect, prepare and join together for sharing and listening time. We often use these ceremonies to reflect , celebrate and make future plans and goals.

Gather is to acknowledge the past and what we have done as a collective to get to this point in time and a nod to new beginnings changes at this pivotal time in history. The time for Shifting paradigms and actioning change is now and a gathering and marking in time and space begins the shift.”

– Maddison Gibbs

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