Boomalli has an ongoing partnership with Urbis Sydney, which commenced in 2021. The mutual partnership was developed to promote and support Boomalli as a local Aboriginal organisation and broaden the cultural awareness of Urbis staff, as well as assist in amplifying the voices of First Nations people.

Each year during NAIDOC Week Boomalli presents an exhibition at Urbis’ Angel Place office. These exhibitions provide opportunities for our artists to exhibit and promote their work, and provide enjoyment and inspiration for Urbis’ staff and clients.

An important component of these activations are a series of artist talks and events. These events provide opportunities for truth telling where our artists discuss the NAIDOC theme and share their own experiences and stories. Urbis has hosted a Sydney World Pride exhibition and event in 2023, which included NSW Aboriginal artists from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Panelists and speakers at these events have included Darren Charlwood, Wanita Lowe, Hayley Pigram, Nadeena Dixon, Jamie Eastwood, Danny Eastwood, Jasmine Sarin, Kyra Kum-Sing, Jeffrey Samuels and Mark Nannup.

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