Ella Noah Bancroft

Ella Noah Bancroft is a descendent of the peoples of the Bundjalung nation and has bloodlines to England, Poland and Scotland.

Australian born artist, storyteller, mentor and founder of “The Returning”. Ella Noah Bancroft is a pioneer for The Decolonisation movement.

Through her writing and work Ella has been promoting re-wilding, the rise of the female energy, as way back to deep relationship nature and decolonizing of personal, social and ecological well-being for 10 years.

She is widely respected amongst her community and believes in local communities with local economies as a way to find hope for the health of our planet and people.

A current theme she has been exploring in her current world is “It takes courage to tell the truth”, the title of her podcast and first self-published book in 2020.

Ella just released her first children’s book Sun and Moon in 2022 that she wrote.

Ella is currently in a creative development with Rhoda Roberts and NORPA for their NEW project “Bundjalung Nghari-Indigenise”.