Kyra Kum-Sing

Kyra Kum-Sing is a Malera Bandjalan, Mitakoodi woman. Kyra has paved a unique and important path within the arts as both an artist and curator.

Kyra has been the curator at Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative for the past four years and has curated a number of significant and acclaimed exhibitions including Boomalli’s 25th Anniversary Mardi Gras Exhibition: Original Box (2019); Warriors for the Environment (2019); inVISIBLE (2020) and Shell It (2021).

Kyra has also curated Deadly Women of Redfern at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, the July 2018 program for the MCA Art Bar, Dyarra Murama Guwing (the sun setting red), Lane Cove Gallery (2020) and Golding’s POWER at Blacktown Arts Centre (2021). Kyra is an Encounters Fellow Alumni from the National Museum of Australia.

Kyra has a diverse artistic practice which includes painting, drawing, weaving, sculpture, installations and clothing design. Kyra also works with natural hand-made pigments. She has exhibited her works at Boomalli, Lone Goat Gallery and Red Rattler Theatre.

Kyra is also a consultant for the Aboriginal site heritage and repatriation work on Bandjalan Country in Northern NSW, where she is working on revitalising the Malera Bandjalan language. Kyra has extensive experience working in services for Aboriginal people, including the Aboriginal Medical Service, Redfern; Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal; and the Yabun Festival. Kyra is a passionate advocate for Aboriginal rights and self-determination and the Aboriginal arts and cultural sector.