Michelle Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton is a proud Wiradjuri woman; the Wiradjuri people’s county is in Central West NSW. Michelle was born and raised in the Inner-city suburbs of Waterloo & Redfern but holds a strong link and connection to the town in which her mother was born in Cowra NSW.

Michelle is one of six daughters to Janet Ingram and Wally Hamilton. Michelle is a qualified Early Childhood Educator and managers the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Inclusion Hub at Gowrie NSW. Michelle has been in Early Childhood sector now for over 30 years.

Michelle began painting with her family members as a hobby as a teenager and quickly found a knack and a passion for painting and telling stories through art and other mediums. Michelle loves the use of the natural earth tones and often that is what is reflected in her work.

Michelle has extensive links, knowledge and understanding of working with Aboriginal & Torres Islander children, families, and communities on both a professional and personal level and her experiences in working with so many communities and this has contributed to her art and storytelling.

Michelle continues to paint and create in her spare time, this includes painting anything from original canvas pieces, jewellery, gift boxes, wall hangings, picture frames and homewares.