Enliven Fuse

Curated By Kyra Kum-Sing

Featured artists

Jeffrey Samuels, Bronwyn Bancroft, Graham Toomey, Nicole Renee Phillips, Graeme Walker, Nathan Frank, Kevin ‘Sooty’ Welsh, Sheryl Connors, Taleena Simon, Sharon Smith, Annette Kennedy, Debra Beale, Phillip Orcher, Peta-Joy Williams, Wirrin Lowe, Wanita Lowe, Nola Taylor, Brienna Geary, Dakota Dixon-Campbell, Bindimu Currie, Tracey Bostock, Val West, Jasmine Coe, Darren Charlwood, Michelle Hamilton, Kevin Winanggaay May, Charmaine Davis, Maddison Gibbs, Rubyrose Bancroft, Chenaya Bancroft-Davis, Jude Jarrett, Danny Eastwood, James P. Simon, Kim Healey, Joanne Cassady, Timothy Williams, Jenny Fraser, Deborah Taylor, Blak Doulas, Danielle Gorogo, and Hayley Pigram.

This exhibition showcases work from Boomalli’s member artists, bringing together works from emerging and senior artists from NSW language groups. Enliven Fuse will explore what inspires our artists to create and what empowers them to over come life’s challenges.