In 2022 Boomalli Artist Kevin Winanggaay May was commissioned by advertising agency, DDB, to develop an artwork to display in their office and be licensed for the cover and internals of their Reconciliation Action Plan.

“This painting is called Budyeri Kamaru Dreaming. Budyeri Kamaru means hello in the language of this Country. This artwork takes you into the Dreaming. The artwork is about creation, knowledge and awakening. The Rainbow Serpent represents harmony and flowing energy – a powerful force that is moving all the time. The circle represents community, family and friends. In the lower section of the painting, the Elders give their wisdom to us. The fire stick represents the spark of knowledge and healing in the fire. The two hands of the Creator represent getting the job done together, working together as one. The river of fire reflects the abundance of flowing energy and represents respect for Mother Earth, the Creators and the old wise ones. This artwork is dedicated to my family.”

– Kevin Winanggaay May


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