Redfern Legal Centre

In 2019 Redfern Legal Centre received a grant from the City of Sydney to commission an artwork by a local Aboriginal Artist. 

RLC reached out to Boomalli to assist them in finding an artist to create the artwork to welcome their clients and visitors to the Centre. Boomalli connected RLC with Wiradjuri Artist Sharon Smith, who was born in Erskineville and now resides in Waterloo.

The RLC First Nations artwork project was led by Aboriginal Legal Access Worker, Maureen Randall. Maureen explains that she wanted a work that would convey a sense of both “lore and law,” sending a message to communities that RLC is “a place where you are in safe hands”, as well as a place that “provides good service, and an environment that allows freedom of expression and provides cultural safety.”

Sharon created an intricate work for RLC entitled “Justice For All”, which emphasizes the significance of RLC as a meeting place and a welcoming and safe space for all members of the community.

This painting for the Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) is about welcoming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into the community and giving them a safe place to access the RLC.

The bigger circle in the middle of the painting represents a meeting place at the RLC and the feet are our people travelling into the community to use the free services that the RLC offers. The two outer circles are women’s resting places, the circles with the branches are the roots of our community and people.

I have used RLC a few times and I have found it to be a warm and friendly place so I hope when you look at the painting you will feel a warm and friendly place.

– Sharon Smith


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