Royal HaskoningDHV

In 2021 Boomalli was approached by Royal HaskoningDHV to commission an artist to create a mural for their North Sydney office.

Royal HaskoningDHV work in the field of coastal and maritime engineering and wanted the mural to incorporate or be inspired by the theme of water.

Boomalli recommended Gumabynggirr artist, Jude Jarrett, for this project as her work is heavily inspired by both freshwater and saltwater life.

Prior to this engagement, Jude had typically worked on canvas paintings and wood cuts, but she was excited to be given the opportunity to work on a large scale mural.

The end result was a stunning mural capturing the diverse sea and river life of the Nambucca Valley (Gumbaynggirr Country).

“The two fish varieties I painted were bream and Mullet. They represent freshwater and saltwater species. My country is on the mouth of the Nambucca River, Nambucca (Nyambaga), the Bream (Gaayl) represent the ocean fish and the Mullet (Buluunggal) the freshwater. The Starfish (Gaagal-winda), the Crab (Ngaduun) and the Jellyfish represent the other creatures that live around the estuaries. The mural represents nature’s ‘circle of life’, my people looked after and lived from these rivers for tens of thousands of years.”

– Jude Jarrett


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